Luniverse DID

Build Decentralized Identity (DID) with Developer API service
for self-sovereign identity.

DID(Decentralized Identity)

DID is a technology that allows users to self-manage their own digital identity and data.
Luniverse DID provides certificate templates, intuitive authoring tools for writing proof scenarios, various API support, and Wallet SDK
for business or individuals willing to imploy Luniverse DID.


Reports on Personal Information Leakage Cases Triples in a year

Personal data provided for the use of internet services are stored in a central server.
In 2020, the total number of reported personal data leakage hit 13 million cases in Korea by the end of Q2,
recording an all-time high reported cases.

Average amount of loss due to data leakage: $3.8 Billion

According to IBM Security, Korea's business spent around $3.8 billion to cover data leakage losses in 2020.
Among the industries, the medical industry had the highest loss in the world ($8.5 billion), an increase of 10.5% compared to 2019.

Luniverse DID Architecture

Decentralized identifiers (DIDs) are a new type of identifier that enables verifiable, decentralized digital identity without the need of a third party.
A DID identifies any subject that the controller of the DID decides that it identifies.

Decentralized verification system suggested by DID technology doesn't involve a centralized verification server.
Participants of DID system are classified as follows: 1. Issuer, 2. User (Holder), 3. Verifier
An issuer is a party which issues the credentials, which is later stored in the user's device. The user proves its credentials to the entity (service provider) who requires proof of credential.
All process is recorded on blockchain, making it possible to verify the authenticity of the credential.

Product Features

Luniverse DID provides certificate templates, intuitive authoring tools for writing proof scenarios, various API support, and Wallet SDK
for business or individuals willing to imploy Luniverse DID.

Flexible Credential Template Authoring Tool

  • Create and deploy credential template for the issuing entity
  • Set privacy options for template
  • Create verification scenario for the verifier (service provider)

Different Verification Scenarios based on SDR

  • SDR (Selective Disclosure Request) based combination and application
  • Selective setting of validity period
  • Create integrated / individual credential
  • Option for multi-use / single-use verification

Digital Wallet SDK

  • Provide new digital experience to the users by integrating DID with Wallet SDK..
  • Digital Wallet SDK – Android / iOS

My identity is mine!

DID App Client - Miim

Submit selective and necessary personal information using DID
Secure blockchain identity
DID app provides Miim service
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Luniverse DID Benefits

Data sovereignty

- SSI(Self Sovereign Identity)
- Submit only the selected, minimal amount of personal information
- Re-use credentials
- Allows combination of different credentials

Blockchain-based Trust System

- Transparency by verifying authority of the private key
- Ensures privacy of the DID owner
- Interlock various Ethereum-based DApp services
- High efficiency in both implementation and maintenance

Convenient Credential Management

- Easy restoration in case of change/damage/loss of the device
- Automatic Key Vault backup
- Security with biometrics and PIN

Selective exposure of personal information during credential submission

- Prevents indiscriminate collection of personal information
- Prevents unintended personal data exposure

Increase participation via reward programs

- Digital asset reward (e.g. token, points, vouchers, etc.)
- Easily build token economy using the wallet function in DID application

Unmanned Interface (Kiosk)

- Submit credentials without DID app
- Accessible in locations where devices cannot be used
- 3D depth pinhole camera + cloud agent (personal safe)

Use Cases

Self Check-in (Kiosk)

- Yanolja x Luniverse DID
- Check-in using age verification / reservation verification services

Access Control System

- Access history management using DID
- Digital access key with Miim

Luxury Product Guarantees

- Digital guarantee for verifying authenticity of luxury goods
- Increase the reliability of the brand by tracking proof of ownership and history of transactions.

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