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Luniverse: Join us at Consensus 2023 for Exclusive Promotions and Benefits!

The world’s largest annual blockchain technology conference, Consensus 2023, is just around the corner. Consensus 2023 is a conference organized by Coindesk, bringing together the most prominent leaders, entrepreneurs, developers, and investors from the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. This year’s event will take place in Austin, Texas from April 26-28, 2023, and Luniverse will be one of the exhibitors at the conference!

Luniverse at Consensus 2023

During the conference, Luniverse will showcase its blockchain solutions and demonstrate how they can help businesses achieve their goals. Visitors to Consensus 2023 can expect an exclusive experience at Luniverse’s booth, located at Booth #1300, near the main stage.

(Click the map to view the booth location)

Exclusive Benefits for the Visitors

The company has prepared an exciting giveaway promotion for the visitors, including a free gift and a free trial/promotion for Luniverse blockchain services and USDC giveaway. Visit Lambda256’s booth to get their free gifts and learn more about Luniverse’s blockchain solutions!

1. Free Gift Giveaway for Visitors 

Come to the Luniverse booth and get a chance to win a free gift. All you need to do is leave your namecard or submit your name/email below to claim your prize. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to receive a free gift from Luniverse!

2. Follow us on Twitter/Discord 

Win more free gifts at our booth! Simply follow us on our official Twitter and Discord community. Click the icon to access each account and start following us to get more gifts. Good luck!

3. Luniverse NOVA Trial – USDC giveaway

Sign up Luniverse NOVA and get USDC and membership NFT rewards in 3 mins! Experience the power of Luniverse blockchain services today for free. 

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