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Webinar: Let’s Build a Simple Smart Contract on Luniverse Testnet


Luniverse Community Webinar – Register Now! 

Hi Luniverse community!

We are hosting our first global community webinar! 

Meet our team online at 10:00 ET on 22th November, on our official YouTube channel.

In the November Luniverse community meetup, you can learn about:

  • What is Luniverse
  • How Luniverse works
  • Demo of Luniverse testnet – free trial
Learn and engage with our Web3 experts. If you are a Web3 developer, you just can’t miss it. 

RSVP here by clicking the button below! You can submit questions or feedbacks regarding Luniverse testnet, as well as questions to our team and ecosystem.


NFT Giveaway for the First 50 Participants 

To celebrate the very first meetup to introduce our testnet, we are holding an NFT giveaway event:

  • How-to:
    • Try Luniverse testnet and submit your screenshot and feedback on #luniverse-testnet channel with your wallet address supporting Luniverse chain.
  • When:
    • November 8th – 30th 2022
  • Gift:
    • First 50 people will receive a Voltron sword NFT from Cyphrly


What is Luniverse Testnet? 

Luniverse Testnet is a free-trial version of Luniverse products on Console for Web3 developers. 
Luniverse offers a variety of blockchain cloud services on Luniverse Console. We added a testnet environment this time, where you can upload or test DApps or mint NFTs for FREE. Luniverse is a sustainable and secure blockchain that you can try 60 days without any cost. 
Try Sandbox together for free today! More information can be found in the Luniverse User Guide.


What can I do with Luniverse Testnet?

Almost all common features of Luniverse are available on the testnet!
  • Deploying Smart Contract
  • Using the Tx Action function
  • Issuing and sending tokens
  • Using the NFT API
  • Using the Trace API

Start a Free Trial Today 

Get started now. Experience FREE Luniverse testnet chain for Web3 builders. 

Start connecting the testnet by clicking “Conenct Testnet” on Luniverse Console


Luniverse Green NFT: Web3 and Sustainability 

With the advent of the Web3 era, the importance of sustainability in blockchain businesses is emerging more rapidly than ever. Luniverse commits to contribute to the improvement of the global environment and a sustainable future through the operation of eco-friendly Green NFT and blockchain. 

Luniverse is creating an environmentally friendly digital asset ecosystem with partners using Luniverse’s Green NFT platforms, such as CYPHRLY, MOMENTICA, and Upbit NFT. Luniverse blockchain consumes 0.0000023 TWh/year, as certified by DNV. The validation algorithm (LPoA) of Luniverse enables the lower expenditure of electricity and high performance compared to the PoW algorithm. Luniverse enables minting and managing NFTs in the most environmentally sustainable and cost-efficient way possible. Our underlying blockchain technology navigates through those challenges, providing an ecologically sustainable marketplace for minting, deploying, and selling NFTs.


Projects on Luniverse Green NFT



CYPHRLY is a curation-based NFT marketplace that provides authentic digital collectibles created with cutting-edge technology. We collaborate with IP holders, artists and brands to help them enter the world of Web3. Our platform expands the values of digital collectibles with physical merits (Digital Pair) and data-driven features (LIVE NFTs). Based on environmentally-sustainable technology developed by Lambda256, the blockchain company of Dunamu, CYPHRLY presents a community where fans can freely communicate together.


MOMENTICA is the flagship platform operated by LEVVELS, provides novel and innovative fan-artist experiences worldwide. The platform enables fans to collect and exchange diverse formats of digital collectibles. While the initial service will focus on K-Pop artists, the scope of the service will expand to include different artists and genres of music.

LEVVELS Inc. is a Los Angeles-based company operating a future-proof platform to provide blockchain-based projects for global fandoms and their artists. The company is a joint venture between Dunamu, a worldwide standard setter in blockchain and fintech technology, and Hybe, the global entertainment lifestyle platform company housing multinational music labels.


Upbit NFT

The NFT trading platform of Upbit, the South Korean crypto exchange. All NFTs distributed by Dunamu to Upbit NFT users are issued on the Luniverse chain.

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