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NFT Presale Launch

Be the first to join the Green NFT initiative at a discounted rate.

2021. 6.16 ~ 7.31 (First 50 teams)

Luniverse, the sustainable future for NFTs

Mint, deploy and sell NFTs without leaving a carbon footprint.
An efficient and ecologically sound solution, Luniverse’s Proof-of-Authority (LPoA) consensus algorithm addresses the environmental concerns tied to NFTs,
leading to 99.99% greater energy efficiency than that of proof-of-work-based networks like Ethereum.
Creativity should be a force for good — it shouldn’t carry a hefty burden on our planet.

Luniverse Ethereum
ERC721 Mint
NFT Wallet
Market Place
NFT Split Ownership
Meta Database
Source Verification
Rest API
User Interface(Console)
Private Key Management Service
Energy Efficiency
Avg Transaction Fee Free $10
Transaction Per Second 2,000 15
Consensus Algorithm LPOA POW+POS

Sustainability. Unrivalled.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that can be used to represent ownership of unique items – both tangible and intangible. From collectible sports cards to art, memes and even real estate, NFTs have prompted artists, communities and culture consumers alike to collect, create and sell their works in an unconventional way. NFTs are underpinned by blockchain technology, meaning its data on the shared ledger is immutable and verifiable and decentralized. Like an old house or classic car, an NFT adds a layer of authenticity and uniqueness to digital items of any form – garnering interest from collectors and creators who have long questioned the idea of digital provenance.
NFTs are most popularly run on the Ethereum network, which operate through an algorithm called Proof-of-Work (PoW). Proof-of-Work based networks consume a massive amount of energy, and each NFT transaction on the Ethereum network consumes the equivalent of a footprint of around 340 kWh, 211 KgCO2. This single NFT’s footprint is equivalent to a EU resident’s total electric power consumption for more than a month, with emissions equivalent to driving for 1000Km, or flying for 2 hours (source: Memo Atken).
The Green NFT platform on Luniverse is designed to streamline the NFT experience and provide a carbon-neutral NFT ecosystem, bridging creators, wallet partners and collectors to their markets at a fraction of the cost of gas and energy. Users can mint, deploy and manage NFT collectibles, without requiring intense energy and high transaction fees tied to the Ethereum blockchain.  Luniverse’s high energy-efficiency is envisioned by a validation algorithm called LPoA (Luniverse Proof-of-Authority) behind the Luniverse sidechain, a system that produces 99.99% less energy than that of energy-intensive systems like Ethereum.
With a powerful ecosystem integrating various wallet partners, major global marketplaces and Upbit’s partners, Luniverse creates an interoperable environment for the flow of NFTs to various public chains and marketplaces. Some of the platform’s key offerings include fractional ownership of NFTs where users can co-own a physical and digital asset of an NFT, split loyalty fees amongst creators, and secure storage of NFTs through Upbit Custody – all of which serve to power a more sustainable digital economy.

Product Features

Luniverse NFT delivers a secure and efficient way to apply data through its console and APIs.

Simplified token management

Robust service layer for developers

The curious case of NFTs

"Buy this column on the blockchain!"
Can a column be minted as an NFT?  Intrigued by the explosive NFT market, a technology reporter from the New York Times reporter wanted to experiment with this idea of turning his column into an NFT and put up for auction, with proceeds going to charity. When he listed a digital original of his column  on a NFT marketplace, he was nervous he might not pass his initial bid. But the results were staggering. A last-minute bidding war broke out, and the auction closed with a winning bid of 350 Ether, or about $560,000. NFT art has already been making headlines, with some selling for millions of dollars, but the auction demonstrated some of the infinite use cases of this highly sought-after digital collectibles market.

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