Loyalty Point

Blockchain Point is a successful example based on 10 million users.
Generate blockchain points in 10 minutes using simple API.

Luniverse Point is with Every Service.

Consortium users

10 Million

Global blockchain point solution

Ranking #1

Time to connect your service


Extend point Usage.
Essential, not optional.

Did you know $13 million of points extinct due to lack of point usages?

Luniverse provides a sensational solution to extend the point usages by connecting different companies’ points.

A differentiated solution

Luniverse overcomes technological limit of connecting other companies’ points through an unique technology development.

Luniverse supports large consortium of 10 million users for a stable operating system.

루니버스, 로열티 포인트

Find More Potential Customer

Enhance exsiting customers' loyalty

  • Extend the use of points through connecting each companies’ points
  • Increase satisfaction with point utilization

Get new customers

  • Connecting mutual customers
  • Lower cost for joint marketing

Provide customers' purchasing data

  • Analyze the customer’s consumption channel
  • Derive sales insights

Product Features

Luniverse loyalty points provide a service that makes it easy
to apply the Blockchain-based point system to the Console and API.

Simple process to connect

  • Easy to connect existing point system
  • Apply blockchain using console and API
  • Generate points in 10 minutes through the tutorial

Identify Point Distribution Status in 10 Seconds

  • Easily identify point issues and usage history with dashboards
  • Convenient point management through GUI

Loyalty Point Use Case

HAU Alliance

HAU enables leading companies in the healthcare industry to share potential customers, increase customer loyalty through integrated point benefits, and derive customer insights from data.

Review of the customer paid points

Easy to connect different companies' points.
Try generating points in 10 minutes.

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Easy to connect different companies' points.
Try generating points in 10 minutes.

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