Luniverse Trace™

Did you know that more than 20,000 forgery crimes occur every year?
Now, record important document on the blockchain safely and conveniently.

More than 1,400 companies have already adopted this solution.

Recording data on the blockchain is not optional. Now it's essential.

More than 20,000 forgery crimes occur every year.

The forgery of documents has already permeated our lives and become serious crime.

You don't have to know about the blockchain.

Luniverse works hard so that anyone can easily use the blockchain.
In fact, even companies without the blockchain developers are using it.

Make data that anyone can trust.

Secure data integrity

  • Record unmodifiable data
  • Hash and store data with timestamp
  • Increase service reliability

Record data history

  • Easy history recording through API call
  • Safe service management with recorded history inquiry

Track data

  • Track data by grouping events based on managed target
  • Event tracking to the specific date or target

Product Features

Luniverse Trace™️ provides a service to easily apply blockchain-based data verification and tracking system through Console and API.

Simple data recording process

  • Easily apply to all areas where records are required
  • Simple blockchain application using Console and API
  • Create a Trace in 10 minutes following the tutorial

Easy and convenient history tracking

  • Easily view data and events recorded on the blockchain with GUI
  • Track and manage event history on a managed basis

Luniverse Trace™️ has a wide range of applications.

Interpersonal Contract

  • Employment agreement, security pledge, etc.
  • Application for vacation, expenditure resolution, etc.

  • Interpersonal Transaction

  • Unlisted stock trading
  • Used product trading

  • System for the state and citizens

  • Government Real Estate Electronic Contract System
    (Broker/Seller and Landlord/Buyer and Tenant)
  • Notarization service (notarization contents and proof of facts, storage at the time of notarization, etc.)
  • Provision of goods and services

  • Save lease contracts such as rental car
  • Save contents such as consent to use of mobile communication service
  • 금융 데이터 이력 관리
    전자 문서 발급&인증
    식자재 유통
    의료 데이터 통합 관리
    P2P 전력거래
    수출입 환적화물 관리
    중고차 허위매물 추적

    Luniverse Trace™️ Use Case

    Unlisted stock trading

    In unlisted stock trading where it is difficult to trust the counter-party,
    all transaction processes and results are recorded on the blockchain through Trace.
    It ensures safety and integrity and increases reliability.

    It's not too late to manage your data safely.
    Try Luniverse Trace™ for free now!

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    It's not too late to manage your data safely.
Try Luniverse Trace™ for free now!

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