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Use Cases

See how leading blockchain projects build Web3 services through Luniverse.


Aha provides token incentives to users who ask good questions, provide good answers with a quality knowledge. Aha solved various abusing problems of existing platforms and builds a high-quality online knowledge ecosystem with users through Luniverse blockchain.


Conducted as a project by Korea Health Industry Development Institute, Chonbuk National University Hospital Clinical Pharmacology Center and Seoul National University Hospital participated in the innovative solution platform project using a blockchain data management.


Storychain is a DApp where creators can produce and share dramas, movies, and web novels for collaboration and distribution. It is also a platform for creators, readers, and supporters who share the value created at each stage of the story’s value chain with participants.


Milk Partners (MiL.k) is a travel and leisure loyalty point exchange platform on Luniverse blockchain. Loyalty points from different services can be exchanged for ‘Milk Coin’ on the platform of partners participating in Milk Alliance.


Gluwa, as a global financial service platform that anyone from all over the world can use borderless financial service. Gluwa improves data transparency to be innovative and can be trusted using Luniverse.

Berry Store

Berry Store applied blockchain technology and created the culture where everyone donates and get reward. Berry Store has built a Luniverse-based Berry Token ecosystem within the platform that allows you to purchase points, deposit and use Berry Tokens in your wallet. 

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