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Build, deploy and manage innovative solutions using blockchains.
Blockchain-as-a Service Luniverse

Luniverse 2.0
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Build a blockchain service in 15 minutes.
With Luniverse, it's easy to issue tokens without complicated coding
and blockchain can be introduced into any services.

Fuel your digital transformation journey
with Luniverse.

A surge of new disruptive technologies has accelerated the pace of innovation over the last few years. Our robust platform, built with dynamic scalability, interoperability, security in mind, can empower organizations across industries to achieve their varying blockchain aspirations. Harness the power of blockchain today with Luniverse, so you can focus on making agile business decisions.
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No initial platform build cost 38% of private blockchain average (Source : EY)
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Adopt to blockchain technology at an unrivalled speed to value. Our rapid deployment accelerates your journey at a rate 2X that of building private mainnet blockchains.

Luniverse average: 12 weeks
Average build time for private mainnet: 24 weeks

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Monetization opportunities through predictable gas fees and transaction fees at a fraction of the cost.    46% of other popular private blockchains  (Source : EY)

Luniverse Blog

Resources to help you learn and grow with luniverse

Blockchain 2022: This Is What CEO of Lambda256 Foresees

With the beginning of 2022, the CEO of Lambda256 talks about his insights to Blockchain and the role of Luniverse. Jay Park, CEO of Lambda256 Back in 2007, people talked

Dunamu and Lambda256 Partner to Launch Upbit NFT platform

Dunamu, the operator of Upbit, has launched “Upbit NFT” beta service. As a result, Dunamu owns the largest cryptocurrency and NFT exchange in Korea at this moment. It is significant

K-pop Fans Have a New Nemesis

RegTech – Key Takeaways from #UDC2021

Here are the key takeaways from the #UDC2021 keynote highlighting Luniverse 2.0 as the leading blockchain solution provider for RegTech.

2021 Luniverse Annual Report

Find out more about emerging blockchain trends that have empowered businesses to operate at scale in the Luniverse ecosystem in 2021.

Smart Contract Audit

The Importance of Smart Contract Auditing and General Process of How Smart Contract Audits are Conducted

Product Features

Complete your digital transformation journey with a set of solutions for business of all sizes - from startups to large enterprises. Luniverse BaaS and Hyperledger Fabric Consortium brings stable performance essential for sustaining growth.

Luniverse Hyperledger Fabric

The fabric’s modular and versatile design satisfies a broad range of industry use cases, offering a unique approach to consensus that enables performance at scale while preserving privacy.

Luniverse LPoA

The optimal environment for development and operations of decentralized applications

Built by developers, for developers.

Building and developing blockchain-based infrastructure continues to be a challenge, with technical underpinnings difficult to grasp. With the right navigational tools, we help developers optimize their journey from development, monitoring and operations using our APIs and graphical dashboards.
Marketing platform for blockchain services

Luniverse Drops

Generate buzz through pre-sale and token airdrops, with strategic advisory from DROPS, our marketing platform for blockchain service companies.


Blockchain solutions
for industries

Innovators across disciplines, industries and organizations are navigating the next wave of blockchain technology with Luniverse.


Deepen consumer engagement, build a trusted brand through transparency about the customer journey with data on the blockchain.

Supply Chain Management

Ensure data integrity by providing an accessible and transparent ledger for supply chain and logistics partners.


Facilitate a new way to advance data processes by integrating blockchain, from payments to tokenized digital assets.


Provide transparency and verifiability in the transfer of digital assets by storing on immutable blockchain data.

Customer Use Cases

See how we drive enterprises forward with Luniverse
The collaboration is a significant milestone for both companies. We are working on Luniverse because of its high performance and throughput. We can also control transaction fees, which is significant for the mass adoption of the stablecoin.

Jeth Soetoyo
CEO of Rupiah Token
Utilizing the Luniverse consortium blockchain, we have built a flexible collaboration to create an ecosystem. We will continuously expand our partnership by using blockchain tokens as a medium for connecting travel, leisure, and shopping. We will solve other problems in the travel industry, such as personal information issues and data leakage.
Jong-yoon Kim
CEO of Online Business, Yanolja
The contents of Chong Kun Dang Group specialized in the healthcare and next-generation BaaS of Lambda 256 has met to create a new business model that combines products and services. The HAU alliance, an integrated reward platform, will enable providing consumers with more systematic and professional healthcare services.
Min Seok Kim
Director of Business Innovation, ChongKunDang Holdings
Using Luniverse to develop Cherry, I thought that even people who are not familiar with the blockchain environment could use Luniverse. The API server was stable and reliable, with nothing going down during the test. Quick feedback form tech support was also hugely helpful.

Joohwan Jang
Cherry Developer, e4net
I chose Luniverse because I thought the cost of ownership is reasonable. The operation cost is also predictable as there is no need for gas fee in the side chain, so I could reliably deliver the service in the long term.

Junes Lee
CEO of Storichain
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Luniverse partners

Luniverse helps business unlock the value of blockchain innovation. Discover how are clients are revolutionizing their industry.

Navigate the next wave of blockchain technology
with Luniverse.