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Green NFT: Web3 and Sustainability for Green Planet

What Luniverse has been doing for sustainability in blockchain Pursuing environmental sustainability is no longer an option but
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Luniverse UseCase: Upbit NFT Marketplace

2021 was the year of NFT. In 2020, the total trade volume of NFT was roughly $94.9 million,
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2022 Development Milestone of Luniverse NFT

By Martin Oh, CTO of Lambda256 2021 was a remarkable year for NFT, as it started to play
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The Best Consensus Algorithm for Enterprise Blockchain

Blockchain can be defined as a decentralized network technology composed of numerous nodes. In a blockchain environment, it
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Webinar Recap: Luniverse 2022 NFT Demo Day

On February 25th, Luniverse team held an NFT webinar on the official Luniverse YouTube channel. Despite the webinar’s rich content, the global fans of Luniverse could not take advantage of it because of a language barrier. So, we will provide a summary of each of the four sections of the webinar for those who missed it.
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NFT, the Word to Be Gone in 2022

One of the most famous English dictionaries, Collins, nominated NFT as the “2021 word of the year.” It seems like NFT comes to mind before Bitcoin when explaining blockchain technology. However, the word NFT may be gone in 2022, and here is why.
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