Luniverse Enterprise Value Up KIT

Luniverse Enterprise Value Up KIT is a full-stack blockchain framework designed for business use.
Empower your teams with blockchain, thanks to our comprehensive services, infrastructure, and developer tools for blockchain protocol.

enterprise value up
Support for Various DLTs (Distributed Ledger Technology)
From private chains to public and consortium chains, we offer support for various types of distributed ledger technology. Businesses can select the blockchain technology that suits their needs, configure the optimal blockchain system, expand flexibly, and change the core chain environment quickly.
Enterprise Tier System
We provide a high-level of performance and monitoring functions, and can easily build a secure system with standard service APIs. In the infrastructure environment of Multi-Zone and Multi-Region, You can develop unrestricted services for your global business.
Service-oriented Architecture
Luniverse's service-oriented architecture can be customized according to the characteristics of corporate businesses. This structure builds a scalable blockchain system and enables an environment optimized for application development.
API Lifecycle that Expands and Evolves
Luniverse, which possesses various blockchain project knowledge in Korea and abroad, has a development culture that quickly adjusts to market requirements. Evolve and scale with an ever-growing API lifecycle.
By combining the optimal technology stack provided by Luniverse, businesses can programmatically manage their blockchain infrastructure and build blockchain pipelines to automate solution testing and delivery.
Blockchain with a Powerful Infrastructure and Chain Environment
Continuous expansion of cloud environments such as AWS, NCP public cloud, and Azure (multi-zone/region).
Excellent performance, security-enhanced private chain support (consortium chain support in preparation).
Use all the features of your enterprise KIT on your existing operating chain with Private Chain Connect.
Provide Connect of Ethereum and Bitcoin public chain (Mainnet, Testnet support).
Modeling for Digital Assets and Heterogeneous Chain Token Bridge
LMT creation and management based on the Luniverse chain.
LMT pegged side tokens enable application development and operation without Tx fees.
Token studio capable of designing and distributing asset models Provided by Security Token Studio and NFT Token Studio Heterogeneous Chain Token Bridge, Multisig.
Reduce Costs, While Improving Productivity
Contract distribution, inquiry, and management functions as a contract management tool (removing the complexity of the existing methods).
Specialized Application Services Based on the Blockchain
Data forgery and trust tracking service – Trace
Reward point issuance and management service – Loyalty Point
Blockchain Identity Service for data sovereignty – DID

Technology for your Business Needs

Consulting Services
Consulting for blockchain integration strategy
Support for blockchain migration
Monitoring Services
Monitoring solutions
Set threshold and provide alarms
Technical Engineers
Dedicated personnel for each client
24 hours, 7 days a week
Customized architecture by engineers
Security Services
Security control service
CERT (Infringement Response Team) Service

Key Features

  • security / management tools
  • Flexible cloud environment and on-premises (AWS, NCP support / Cloud Z, Azure in preparation)
  • Various chain environment support (Ethereum, Hyperledger / Bitcoin, Besu, Quorum in preparation)
  • Contract deployment and management tool, token studio and management tool
  • Heterogeneous Chain Transaction Trust Token Bridge
  • Luniverse Mainchain Products and Scanners
  • Powerful support for wallets and various Tx pipelines
  • Chain Event Subscription Management Tool Stream
  • Node services
  • Various chain-based application services (Loyalty Point, Data Trace, Decentralize Identity - DID)
  • Point Exchange Swap API
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